About Us

In 1993, in partnership with DEVI A/S, DEVI Heating Systems was established as the New Zealand supplier of the DEVI range of electric radiant heating products.

DEVI A/S, Denmark, has been involved in the heating industry since 1942 and has become the largest specialist heating supplier worldwide.

This growth has been achieved through the continuous adaptation of its product development program, in step with technology innovation and the changing needs of the market.    ISO 9001 Certification was awarded in November 1997.

In 1999/2000, DEVI produced a total of 25,200,000m of cable, 221,500 “Ready Made” heating cable units, 128,000 Devimats and 265,000 electronic thermostats.

In 1999, DEVI Heating Systems became a Partner Company with its Danish parent. This meant that, although DEVI Heating Systems was still a part of the DEVI A/S Group world-wide, it was now an independent operation.

Throughout 2002, DEVI worked with environmental management which resulted in DEVI being certified to ISO 14001 in August 2002.

In New Zealand, DEVI Heating Systems bases its business on the same philosophy as its Danish associate, that is, “the supply of technically advanced, economical and environmentally considerate heating systems that meet the needs of their customers”.

The Management and Staff of DEVI Heating Systems work closely with their distributors and installers.  With the support of a worldwide specialist heating product supplier, together with over 25 years experience in the design, supply and installation of radiant heating systems, DEVI Heating Systems is able to provide a ‘one stop’ service to all their customers.

Products and Services

DEVI Heating Systems provides professional advice and design services. We are suppliers of the most comprehensive range of Heating Cables (including the ‘SuperThin’ heating mat), Time and Temperature Controllers, Heated Towel Rails, Radiant Heating Panels, Commercial Fan Heaters and specialised Industrial Heating Products to satisfy our customers’ heating needs.

The DEVI Trade Names

Deviflex, Devimat, Devireg, Devifast, Devifoil, Devirail, Devitemp

Contact Us

Should you have any queries or comments, feel free to contact DEVI Heating Systems by fax, e-mail or post.   Our telephone contact details are listed at the base of this page or you can use the Contact Us tab above.