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About DEVI

The company was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1942, and its name is an abbreviation of Dansk El_Varme Industrie or Danish Electric Heating Industries. In the beginning DEVI manufactured heating elements for industrial purposes. As was common in the 1970's and 80's DEVI move from Copenhagen and made Vejle its home where the head office is today. This gave good communication links with motorways, railways and an international airport close by. Crucially this also gave the company the motivated and qualified staff required to develope and produce consistently high quality and market leading products.

More About DEVI

In 1993 in partnership with DEVI Comfort heat, Later to become DEVI Heating Systems, Devi products were introduced to the New Zealand market. We started out heating concrete floor slabs. As DEVI in Europe developed and produced new products such as DEVImat™, DEVI Heating was able to quickly introduce them to the New Zealand market with the backing of their European supplier. Meanwhile DEVI Heating Systems were also working with other suppliers in Europe to provide total heating solutions with the Comfortline™ range of radiant heaters and panel heaters.

Heating in the 21st Century.

The Comfortline™ range of high temperature radiant heaters are ideally suited for large areas such as Churches, Gymnasiums Fire Stations and Halls. They are also used extensively for "spot heating" or targeted heating in in warehouse and production applications.

Comfortline™ low temperature radiant heaters are an ideal solution for offices, rest homes and changing rooms with IP rated heaters for shower rooms and damp areas.

With the backing of the most experienced European designers and suppliers DEVI were able to provide heating solutions for roadways, driveways, pathways and cool-store thresholds.

The early 2000's also brought change to the New Zealand building industry. This made direct electric floor heating a very good option for floor heating with its simplicity and longevity.

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