Air NZ Aviation Institute Training Facility Hangar, Christchurch

Air NZ Aviation Institute Training Facility Hangar, Christchurch

The Air New Zealand Aviation Institute Training Facility in Christchurch gives it's students hands-on access to innovative real world experiences and state of the art facilities.

Home to students studying aircraft maintenance the training hangar is situated next to Air New Zealand's maintenance base and overlooks the runway at Christchurch International Airport. It is used all year round and therefore requires heating during the colder months.

With the large volumetric area and a range of ceiling heights (some in excess of 10 metres) installation of the Comfortline High Temperature Radiant heaters was the most suitable option.

The Comfortline High Temperature Radiant heater is designed for heating large spaces such as churches, gymnasiums, atriums, commercial buildings or for localised “spot heating” over work areas in warehouses, workshops and assembly lines. They are silent heating, aesthetically pleasing and virtually maintenance free.

Comfortline™High Temperature Radiant Heaters