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In New Zealand, DEVI Heating Systems bases its business on the same philosophy as its Danish associate, that is, “the supply of technically advanced, economical and environmentally considerate heating systems that meet the needs of their customers."

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Our Products

From underfloor heating  to ceiling heaters, horticulture to airports our customers choose DEVI New Zealand products for their reliability, efficiency and affordability.

The best warranty on the market

The best warranty on the market

Electrical heating offers a number of advantages in a building project and daily usage. The intelligent solutions delivered by DEVI offer even more.

Advantages for floor construction

DEVI heating  mats are placed just underneath the tiles, which makes for a very light floor construction.

Thanks to DEVImat thickness, you can easily install it during a house renovation without destroying an old floor.

An invisible heat source

DEVI’s floor heating system is invisible. As the system is hidden under the floor, it gives excitingly new possibilities for furnishing and interior design and the space-saving solution.

DEVImat™ DSVF-150

A High-quality, braided screen, self adhesive all in one mat. Fast, simple and safe Installation.


DEVIreg™ Touch

An intuitive programmable time thermostat used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. 



DEVIflex™  Cables are typically used for inslab heating and pipe tracing applications.                                          


Support & Resources

Diagnostic Services

We offer a full range of diagnostic services for under floor heating faults. 

No matter who supplied, or installed the product, we can locate damaged under floor cable, and repair any breaks or faults within your environment.


View our Application Manuals and/or the installation guides, technical sheets and product manuals available on product pages.


 Provides professional advice, design services and installation.