Ryman Healthcare around New Zealand

Ryman Healthcare around New Zealand

Cozy warmth by DEVI for Residents & Guests of Ryman Healthcare in New Zealand

In an era of an aging population, it is only right that we care for the elderly in a respectful and caring manner. As we ourselves age, we quickly realize that we become more vulnerable; it is for this reason that we should provide comfortable living conditions for the elderly.

Ryman Healthcare is New Zealand’s largest retirement village operator and is expanding rapidly as the population is aging. The company owns and operates 30 villages in New Zealand and Australia and has another dozen projects in the development pipeline.

For such a company as Ryman, it is crucial to provide the highest level of service, which includes comfortable and healthy temperatures throughout the facility. In order to ensure the best quality of heating, Ryman Healthcare chose to install DEVI heating cables within all the bedrooms, passages, and common rooms of the Evelyn Page Retirement Village in Orewa.

The Village was equipped with DEVIflex™ 30T heating elements in a 230VC configuration and opened in 2010. DEVI electrical heating system is used here as a storage-based system. For this type of application, cables are 50 mm below the surface of the concrete floor. Since this time, DEVI heating solutions have remained as a preferred heating option. In Ryman’s newest villages, the twin conductor DEVIflex™ 30T range of floor heating cables are used.

DEVImat™ DSVF-150   DEVIreg™530   DEVIflex™DTCE-30