Vineyard Frost Protection Systems

Vineyard Frost Protection Systems
  • Vineyard Frost Protection Systems
Every year vine growers from different regions face a problem of late frosts. In New Zealand, frost can occur as late as early November. Such frosts are detrimental in vineyards when the vine buds start to blossom and are one of the greatest challengers that vineyard growers face. Electric Heating solves this challenge with energy efficient systems using electric heating cables to protect the vines from frost damage.

The advantage of electric cable vine frost protection are:

- An easy efficient solution.
- Easy, fast and reliable installation.
- A customised approach to meet clients needs, area of vinery and number of rows.
- Proven high savings compared to current methods.
- A sustainable solution for a clean green future with low energy consumption during the frost period. Touch cable outer sheath is weather and UV resistant.

No matter where you live in New Zealand, DEVI Heating Systems can assist in the design of an efficient and effective world class vine frost protection system.

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